Roberta Totaro / Creative
24th June 2018 women in Saudi Arabia are legally allowed to obtain their driver’s license for the first time in 30 years.

Volkswagen launch #100SimpleJoysOfDriving campaign to welcome new drivers to the roads. The campaign, which went live on 24th June, is both a celebration of new drivers to the roads as well as a reminder to experienced ones about the simply joys of being behind the wheel.

A series of short films has been revealed and encouraging everyone to join the conversation and share their own real driving experiences via social platforms.
100 Simple Joys of Driving           

33. Cruising deserted city streets at night

65. Having perfect control in reverse

48. Seeing someone with the same car as you

76. Feeling safe inside when it’s stormy outside

33. Overtaking a long truck on a narrow road
7. Being engulfed by soapsuds in a car wash

53. Stopping for animals

94. Getting a thank you from a pedestrain