— 1/5 Pitch Won

Nescafé 3 in 1. Instant coffee, easy and quick to make.Target 18-30 with a frenetic life most probably students. Launch date: June

Creative Analysis
Since June is worldwide recognised as the start of University’s exams sessions, we decided to focus only on ’Students’. So, while our competitors keep associating their product with a “great awakening” we want to move the opportunity into helps our consumers “staying awake”.

Students during their exams will need to study all nights long. In this way Nescafé become the coffee that keep them awake, helping them to pass their exams.

The Ultimate Student Supporter. We treated students like a sport team. Giving them the tools to study better encouraging people to support them, like our coffee does. Anthem, t-shirts, flags, online private lessons, motivational songs, and co-working spaces.