Roberta Totaro / Creative
An identity is every child's right. But currently, there are 6 million unregistered children in the Middle East and Africa.

A birth certificate is a vital document that establishes a child’s official existence in the world. Without it, children grow up to be adults living on the fringes of the society, denied of their fundamental human rights.  

When baby’s birth is uncelebrated and undocumented, the baby loses the right to belong.

As a brand pioneering in childcare, Johnson’s will help babies thrive in healthier communities by prioritizing a right start for every child - by giving them an identity as an essential first step. We will do that by creating a solid framework to reinforce efforts by our on-ground partners UNICEF/Save The Children to facilitating registration of thousands of babies and children who would otherwise be denied their most essential life document - a birth certificate.

The Right Start           
Johnson’s Baby

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