Roberta Totaro / Creative
In June 2018 I decided to start a sabbatical around Asia. I’m really passionate about travelling but I realized that, in most of the places I visited, people don’t speak English. Language barriers cause misunderstandings between people and this is the most common problem for travelers. During my travel communication has been difficult. The only clear things were icons and pictograms around the city.

In the world people speak nearly 6.500 different languages but there is just one that is universal “The Visual language” What makes icons important in the visual communication is that it’s mainly universal, understood and accepted worldwide. “When you can convey something complex in a simple picture, you speak a universal language”  

The UVL app it’s a translation app that translate any language into visual, into one unique language. This idea has been presented to Startup Weekend Hong Kong.
Universal Visual Language           
Startup Weekend